LGBTQIAP+ Identities and Neurodivergent Identities

There is a significant crossover between LGBTQIAP+ identities and Neurodivergent identities.

If you take BPD/EUPD-ers for example, people of sexual minorities are twice as likely to have BPD/EUPD than straight people.
If you consider the Autistic community, Autism is 6 times more likely among trans people than it is amongst the population at large. Research in the US showed 70% of Autistics reported as being non-heterosexual.

LGBTQIAP+ Neurodivergent people are present in most, if not all, LGBTQIAP+ spaces.
More so it is the wonderful LGBTQIAP+ Prides world over that inspired the likes of Autistic Pride and now Neuro Pride. We are extremely grateful for the model LGBTQIAP+ Pride provides.

It is for these reasons that we are delighted to see how much support for Neuro Pride Ireland by the LGBTQAIP+ community in Ireland and we want to share our support of them.

Here is a wonderful video produced by Outcomers, showing the Pride of Louth.

Here Bi+ Ireland members share what Pride means to them. Many of you may find it relevant in relationship to Neuro Pride, even if you are not under the LGBTQIAP+ banner.

#NeuroPrideIreland #NeuroPride21

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