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Hello Neurokin,

A huge thank you to all participants, contributors, and volunteers for making our first Neuro Pride an overwhelming success! It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to get to know you all during our meetups and in our Facebook Participants group. 

Thank you for your trust, your courage to share your joys and struggles, and for creating this welcoming space with us! 

Want more? Here are 3 ways to support us today: 

Relive Neuro Pride:

  • Subscribe to our Youtube channel for educational, creative, and personal videos by members of the ND community. More videos and captions coming soon!
  • Browse our Creative Corner for art, poetry, guest blogs, and stories.
  • Fill out our feedback form to help us improve.

Stay in touch:

Get involved:

  • Join 250+ members in our Neuro Pride Ireland Community Group on Facebook if you are Neurodivergent or questioning. 
  • And please do get in touch if you would like to volunteer with us!

So what’s next? 

We’re already excited about Neuro Pride 2022 – bigger, more diverse, and hopefully, partially in person! 

Some of our members are also planning to host events like meetups throughout the year. 

Together we can create a community and space where we can support each other, be proud of who we are, and advocate for a shift in attitude towards Neurodiversity. 

Let’s spread the pride!

Nem, Cír, Joana, Gillian
Neuro Pride Ireland
Organising Committee 2021
“Celebrating Neurodivergent Identities and Communities”

Twitter: @NeuroPrideIRL
Facebook: @NeuroPrideIreland 
Instagram: @NeuroPrideIreland

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