Our Team

Neuro Pride Ireland is being organised by a grassroots group of Neurodivergent volunteers. Here is your chance to have a glimpse at most of these incredible people.

Project Managers

These are the people who got way too little sleep in the run-up to/during Neuro Pride Week 🙂 They are on the same footing as all the other volunteers, they are just the big picture people, keeping in mind all the deadlines and tasks.

Mx Cír Doyle

(They / Them)

Cír lives in Dublin. Cír has multiple Neurodivergencies. They are not formally diagnosed with some of these due to several systematic barriers. Cír is a disabled, trans, queer person who has too many labels to name in a quick bio. After years of therapy and self-care, and discovering they are a BPDer; Cír is very passionate about mental health. Other topics that Cír throws themself into include the queer community, polyam community and general activism. Cír is the project coordinator of Bi+ Ireland, the creator of Rainbow Autistics Ireland and Book Club for Autistics Ireland and Cír is a founding member of Autistic Adults in Ireland.

Joana Hermann

(She / Her)

As an Autistic ADHDer, Joana likes to come up with a million ideas but sometimes struggles to keep track of the two dozen tabs that are open in her mind at all times. She has lived in 3 countries and mostly worked in adult education, with side hustles in academia, childcare, journalism, translation, and tourism.

A dabbler in photography, painting and poetry, she will infobomb you with random facts about language, culture, and tea. She helped create AutLoud, a blog for Autistic people, as well as this festival as a space for Neurodivergent people to come together and thrive.

Gillian / Jonks

(She / They)

Lives in Waterford. Early childhood educator with an interest in supporting ND children. Multiply neurodivergent and passionate about sharing resources and research that may help make things a bit better for our neurokin coming after.

Nem Kearns

(They / Them)

Nem is a reproductive rights, LGBTQIA+ and disability justice advocate who serves as Board Secretary for Disabled Women Ireland. Nem is also a founding member of Autistic Adults in Ireland, is involved in a number of cross neurodivergent community initiatives, and believes there is untold potential for progress in building an strengthening links across Civil Society Organisations and communities.

Nem works as a disability policy advisor to elected officials and civil society organisers and firmly believes that intersectionality is fundamental to achieving meaningful equality, seeking to apply the maxim Nothing About Us, Without Us in all their work.


More of our wonderful volunteers dedicating their time and talents to producing an incredible Neuro Pride Ireland.


(He / Him)

Jacob is a writer based in Kilkenny. Neurodiverse, he constantly aspires to write stories and poems that shine a light on mental health, differences (both neurological and physical) and how these differences do not impact similarities we all have. Beyond writing, he has finished studying and hopes to work as health care assistant for people with disabilities.

Evie Nevin

(She / Her)

Evie is a disability and political activist from West Cork. She sits on the National Executive of the Social Democrats, on the board of Employability West Cork and founded and ran Disabled People for Choice.

In addition to being Autistic and Dyspraxic, Evie also suffers from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. She identifies as Bisexual.

Leanne Lewis

(She / Her)

Leanne is an autistic self-advocate with three autistic children. She started the Autism Stone Challenge, a positive embracing autism campaign, to help dispel myths, spread positive messages, and encourage a more positive dialogue about autism. She is passionate about neurodiversity and creating a society that supports and embraces Neurodivergent people; enabling them to flourish, and live happy and fulfilled lives.

Shar Nolan

(They / Them)

Shar is a queer disabled artist and activist based in Galway city. You’ll usually find them fighting for a better world both on and offline, finding new creative outlets, being outspoken about their experiences of the world, and committed to building safer spaces for all. They are also involved with Bi+ Ireland, Galway Community Pride, and run West Queer Art.

Zoe McCormack

(She / Her)

Lives in Dublin, trainee peer support worker in mental health and neurodiversity. Founder of the Autistic Art Club. Passionate about creating safe and creative spaces in the Neurodivergent community.

And mayn more! Please do get in touch if you want to get involved 🙂