Our Values

Everyone, Neurodivergent and Neurotypical, is most welcome here to engage, learn, and connect with kindness and respect. We do not tolerate hate speech, misinformation, or any comments and contributions that could harm Neurodivergent/Disabled people or violate our dignity. 

We use identity-affirming language.

Language matters. Studies have shown that person-first language (short: PFL, ‘person with a disability), despite its good intentions, is detrimental to Neurodivergent/Disabled people and rejected by the majority of the community. This is why we use identity-first language (short: IFL, ‘Disabled person’) whenever possible.

We try to avoid deficit-based, medicalised language, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Asperger’s Syndrome, high- and low-functioning BPD/EUPD, mild and severe Tourettes, higher and lower end of the spectrum, social communication deficits, restrictive interests, affected by SPD, suffering from DID, at risk of developing schizophrenia, symptoms of autism, ADHD epidemic, comorbid disorders, PDA child, autism mom/dad/parent, etc.

A lot of us find it disheartening to be exposed to this kind of language every day. Unfortunately, given its prevalence, you may still encounter this kind of terminology at Neuro Pride Ireland. 

We do not wish to prescribe how individuals identify and refer to themselves at events, in comments or in submissions, but we encourage the use of more identity-affirming language.

We acknowledge that for many Neurodivergencies, there is no common, identity-affirming alternative, such as ADHD – it has the words deficit and disorder in the name. Not every Neurodivergency is easily turned into an identity-first term, either. We hope that the language will change one day, but until then, we will continue to use the terminology that ensures people can find our website and community.

We embrace neurodiversity.

Neurodiversity is like biodiversity, but for brains. Our neurology is not ‘less than’. We do not have disordered or defective ‘normal brains’. Diversity and variation are a vital part of the human experience. To read more about Neurodiversity and Neurodivergencies please check out these posts: What is ‘neurodivergence’? and Am I Neurodivergent enough for Neuro Pride Ireland?

We favour the social model of disability.

We are aware of the criticisms against different types of the social model and don’t think a binary view of disability vs impairment is beneficial. However, it is true that a lot of us have been disabled by inadequate systems, societal structures, attitudes, and the lack of supports, services and accommodations in all areas of life. This does not mean we deny or dismiss individual impairments and lived experience. It means we advocate for  accessibility and inclusion. 

We are proud to be Neurodivergent.

To us, being proud means 

  • The opposite of being ashamed
  • Accepting ourselves the way we are
  • Embracing the diversity and dignity of all people
  • Dismantling a purely deficit-based view of our neurology
  • Shifting the focus from ‘fixing’ the individual to adapting environments and communities to the individual’s needs

It does not mean

  • Dismissing or denying individual impairments and struggles
  • Treating our Neurodivergencies as ‘superpowers’ 
  • Feeling superior to Neurotypicals

We work to create an inclusive space.

We have a private Facebook group: this is a Neurodivergent-led space for Neurodivergent adults – speaking or non-speaking, with or without formal diagnosis .

Our website and social media posts are there to help inform, entertain and educate all people – Neurotypicals and Neurodivergents alike. 

At Neuro Pride Ireland, we want to ensure a variety of different Neurodivergent voices are heard, the more the merrier!

We particularly wish to encourage contributions by Neurodivergent people who are

  • non-speaking 
  • members of other disability communities
  • part of the Irish Traveller/Minceir community
  • living with chronic illnesses
  • older members of society
  • members of ethnic minorities or other marginalised groups

Whether you just want to explore, connect with the community, or share your ideas, this is a space for all of us. You are very welcome here. We are glad that you have arrived.  

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions regarding our page or festival.