Submitting Content

We are looking for content to help make Neuro Pride 2021 diverse, educational, and fun! We want to ensure that a variety of different Neurodivergent voices are heard, the more the merrier! Feel free to jump to the topic you want by clicking on it. If you have any further questions or simply want to discuss your ideas for content, feel free to contact us.

The Basics
Types of Content
Submission Guide
The Basics
When is the deadline?
The submission deadline is Wednesday, 28th July 2021 (inclusively).
How can I submit content to Neuro Pride Ireland?
You can use this form or submit directly to:
I want to submit content, but I don’t have it ready or I don’t know what to submit.
Don’t worry. If you know what you want to do but don’t have it prepared yet – you can always use the form to submit an expression of interest. 

And, if you don’t even know what you want to submit that’s fine – feel free to reach out to us and we can discuss ideas with you. You can find our contact details here.
Can I submit content anonymously?
Yes, of course. 

We want to remove as many barriers as possible for people to submit content and this includes being able to stay anonymous. 

When it comes to filling out your details on the form, just be sure to say Anon or Anonymous, to indicate you want to be anonymous as you cannot proceed to the next question without giving a name. But don’t worry, there are instructions to remind you.
Who can submit content?
Anyone can!

We appreciate contributions from all, however, we particularly want to encourage those of the Neurodivergent community that are multiply marginalised, such as AAC users, ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+, etc.

As we are Neuro Pride Ireland we are going to prioritise content from Neurodivergent people that live in or are from Ireland (Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland). 

However, we also welcome content from Neurodivergent people from beyond Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. 

We encourage neurodivergent volunteer-led spaces and groups to submit work, even if it’s just a short video of the work you do and how people can join.

We accept relevant content from other organisations, groups, and businesses, for example messages of support. 

We look forward to receiving messages of support from allies to the Neurodivergent communities.
What format should the content be in?
Feel free to get creative. Some examples of mediums you may choose to communicate in are:
• an art piece
• a poem or story
• a short quote or longer statement 
• a blog post
• a picture of you with a poster card, a selfie
• a song or dance performance
• a video recording
• an audio recording only, or audio with a slide show
• an infographic, comic or meme
• whatever you like. 

If you are interested in taking part, we can offer guidance on language use, suitable content, and some help with production if that is a barrier for you.
What type of events does Neuro Pride Ireland need content for?
There are 8 types of events that we are currently collecting content for. We will go into more details for each of them below, but in summary there are:
• Neurodivergent Voices
• Educational Videos
• Pride Day
• Lightning Talks
• Interviews
• A Panel Discussion
• Messages of Support
Types of Content
Neurodivergent Voices
Why are you proud to be ND? How does it shape your life? Share your experience and raise your voice to spread the pride.

Here we want to hear from you, our Neurokin. You may use the following questions as a guide, but you don’t have to answer any of them if you’d rather talk about something else.

• In what ways are you Neurodivergent?
• Why are you proud to be Neurodivergent?
• How does being Neurodivergent shape your life and experiences?
• Why does Neurodivergent solidarity matter?
Help us bust some common misconceptions about your condition/neurotype.

We all know those sometimes horrible, sometimes hilarious myths that float about regarding our Neurodivergent people. Well, here’s your chance to describe them from your perspective, dismantle them, joke about them, explain why they are harmful… whatever approach feels right for you.

How you structure it is up to you but a good format is:
• name or quote the myth
• describe why it is a myth
• maybe include a brief example that reveals it is false
• explain the impact of the myth on the community
• offer an alternative if suitable
Educational Videos
Help us educate the general public about all things Neurodiversity, Disability, and more.

There are plenty of outdated ideas and misinformation about Neurodivergent people and we’re all about setting them right! This is where you have the opportunity to
• Present accurate information
• Dismantle outdated concepts
• Describe life as lived by Neurodivergent people
• Discuss what helps… and what does not

You could talk about a less well known Neurodivergence you experience, the social model of disability or another theory topic, intersections, etc. If this is something that interests you, but you don’t know what topic to choose, we do have a list of ideas we wish to explore – just contact us.

The audience you are aiming at may be other Neurodivergent people, a general audience, or it may be educators, parents of young Neurodivergents, people questioning if they are Neurodivergent or unable to ‘come out’ just now… It will help to state in the title or at the start of your video who your target audience is. The more general it is, the better, though. 

Ideal videos will be 2-5 minutes in length but if you want to make it longer, that is okay.

How you structure it is up to you but a good format is:
• Introduce yourself
• Name the topic
• Then educate in any way that suits you, for example
– Using slide shows
– Quoting research
– Sharing your personal experience
Pride Day
For Neuro Pride Day on the 8th of August we will having a very prideful day over on Youtube. This will be a big celebration of ND people and NeD communities. This is the day we want to see all you wonderful Neurodivergent people and showcase your talents and pride. 

We also welcome submissions from Neurodivergent communities and people that hold space for Neurodivergent people. These should be a maximum of 4 minutes, explaining what you do and how people can find you. 

There is so many ways you can contribute to this, here are but a few examples:
• Record a song or dance performance
• Send in a picture of yourself 
• Showcase your interests and hobbies
Lightning Talks
Give a short talk about your interest or hobby.

Lightning Talks are quick 5- to 7-minute presentations on anything you are interested in! Be that: Fostering Cats, Bullet Journalling, Gender Identities in Video Games, Baking as a Destresser, whatever takes your fancy. These presentations will be shown on a zoom call. After listening to all the talks, people can ask questions or have a discussion about what they learned and found interesting. 

When it comes to Lightning Talks there are 2 options:
• You may submit a pre-recorded presentation
• You may present live at the event.

The live Lightning talks are due to be taking place on Tuesday, 3rd Aug from 6pm to 7pm and on Thursday, 5th Aug from 9pm to 10pm.

Whichever suits you best.
At Neuro Pride Ireland, we want to build a collection of interviews with a variety of people. 

Share your ideas, views, and experiences in an interview. We want to ensure we are interviewing you on topics of interest to you, building upon your relevant identities,
e.g. race and ND, gender and ND, ND with additional disabilities, finding good care with ND, ND and work, ND and aging, etc.

These will be pre-recorded before the 2nd of August.
Panel Discussion
At Neuro Pride Ireland, we want to have at least one panel of different voices. We want to get a good range of voices and different perspectives, e.g. race and ND, gender minorities and ND, ND with additional disabilities, parenting with ND, etc.

Share your ideas, views, and experiences in a panel discussion. There will be some questions asked to all participants and then individually. 

These will be pre-recorded before the 2nd of August.
Messages of Support
Are you an ally or a service provider that supports the idea of Neuro Pride Ireland? Then share your message of support!

Neurodivergent people are also welcome to share messages of support if they wish – though we recommend you submit other types of content as our aim is to hear your experience(s) first hand.
Submission Guide
Guidelines for Creators
• Film or take photos in landscape format, if possible.
• If you’d rather not be on camera, you are welcome to submit audio only, or audio with a slide show.
• Please be aware of potential cursing or over 18 humour as teens and children may consume these submissions.
• Feel free to submit anonymously if you wish.
• Be sure you have consent from anyone in an image or video, or anybody who is named.
• Avoid using music or images that are not your own for copyright reasons.
• And of course, if you have an infinity symbol flag or relevant badges or t-shirts… whatever it might be, flaunt it!
How will Neuro Pride Ireland use the submissions?
All submissions may be used:
• To promote Neuro Pride Ireland in the run up to the 2nd of August
• On our social media, Youtube and website during the week 2nd  8th August
• In our Neuro Pride video on the 8th August
• On our social media platforms, YouTube and Neuro Pride Ireland’s website, individually or together with other content, at any time in 2021 and beyond. 

All submissions must adhere to our terms and conditions.
Will I be compensated for my content?
Unfortunately, as a grassroots volunteer-led organisation in its debut year, we cannot compensate people for their work. We really appreciate you volunteering your time and energy and we will credit you. If you do not wish to be credited please submit your content anonymously.
Terms and Conditions
By submitting any content, 
• You agree that any submissions may be published on Neuro Pride Ireland’s public social media platforms, YouTube and Neuro Pride Ireland’s website at any time in 2021 and beyond. 
• You are aware of any identifiers in your submission and agree to the submission being used in the public videos and/ or posts.
• You confirm that all materials in the submission are your own work.
• You confirm that you have permission from everyone featured or involved in the submission.
• You confirm that you are 18 years of age or older or that you have permission by your legal guardian to submit your content. 
• You understand that Neuro Pride Ireland reserve the right to not include or remove any submission, without reason.
• The copyright remains with you, the content creator. If at any time you wish to withdraw your contribution(s), please contact us